This story is like a song I can’t get out of my head. I am still waiting on feedback from some of my amazing readers but I’m itching to keep working. So… book two here I come.

I have a pretty detailed working outline for this book so it was easy to jump in. I knocked out a rough first chapter already, and I think I like where the story picks up. We will see how the second chapter comes together before I get too excited.

The interesting part about getting ahead of myself here is that I have already identified a couple small fixes I need to make in the first book to serve the second. I’m still resisting the urge to go back and touch that draft until all the reports are in, but I’m definitely making notes.

I have one narrative device I’m using in these early chapters of book two that I’m not positive is working. Worse, I feel like I probably won’t know until I’m a significant way along. It could mean a big rewrite later, but based on the first book that kind of work is in the cards no matter what. I’m definitely past the point where I am going to let the fear of imperfection slow me down. That was a tough hurdle on the first book, but I’ve learned that lesson now (I hope).