Through the Stone Gate

Book One of The Way Between – Seeking Representation

Through the Stone Gate is the first chapter in the journey of a young girl from a hard but simple life in rural Western NY to the center of an ancient struggle that will decide the fate of three intertwined worlds.

About the Author

Nic Darling

I always thought of myself as a writer, though I had done very little to earn the title. Sure, I published a few poems, wrote dozens of stories and failed to complete a similar number of novels, but in the end I was always something else — a designer, a marketing guy, a start-up failure or a reluctant tech geek. Writing became a hobby that received less and less of my attention as I worried about raising my kids and earning a living, but I never fully abandoned it. And so, holding onto the belief that it is never too late, I have finally returned to my dream of writing stories that people want to read, and whether I actually accomplish that or not, the trying feels right.


Nothing is known until it is ventured, and what is left untried lives with us as a burden until we unshoulder it or die.

– Enko, The Messenger

In the Works

A Work in Progress

The Rider Awakens

Book Two of The Way Between

The Rider and the Warder travel south to find a way through the wall and into the hidden land beyond.

A Work in Revision

The Beasts We Become

Two friends make a discovery that drags them into a frightening world of bizarre creatures and dangerous plots.

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