Seeking Representation

Through the Stone Gate

Through the Stone Gate is the first in a series of books that follows the journey of a young girl from a hard but simple life in rural Western NY to the center of an ancient struggle that will decide the fate of three intertwined worlds. Hanna’s journey begins with the reluctant acceptance of a cryptic invitation to pass through the Stone Gate and enter a world that is both strange and strangely familiar. She soon finds that her purpose in this new world is as much a mystery as the odd powers that have begun to awaken inside her, so along with the Messenger and his grandson, agents of the unknown entity that summoned her, she sets out on an epic journey to discover why she has been called and the purpose of her newfound abilities. Hounded by remnants of a vanquished evil and beset by forces beyond her comprehension, Hanna and her companions travel across the rugged northlands to find a long absent power and learn why a “nobody” from another world suddenly seems to have found herself at the center of this one.