The wonderful people that have agreed to slog through my first draft are moving at an impressive pace. It has only been a week or so, and a few people have already finished. Is the book too short or have they just already pandemic binged all their shows and are desperate for entertainment? Either way, the early reports are good.

Here are a few quick notes I’ve gotten:

“Finished. Awesome book. I am ready to read on!”

“Just finished. Well done. Lots of running and exhaustion.”

“It really is keeping me engaged and engrossed.”

“Just finished! We should talk while it’s still fresh cuz I took NO NOTES”

What a line to end on! I wish it wasn’t over… but I guess it isn’t. Well done. No hyperbole when I say, this is a fantasy adventure with all the best ingredients.”

I’ve already had a few follow up discussions, and there was plenty of constructive feedback to go with the compliments. I am anxious to get into the next draft but want to be sure I get all the input I can first.